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Eat all the taboo foods you’ve been told will make you a fatass and kill you.

Eat them as if your waist, life, and the planet’s health depend on it–because they do.

Are you looking to lose weight, feel vitalized, nix cravings, prevent disease, and save the planet–all while indulging in foods you love? 

I’m here to show you you can.

I also show you that everything you think you know about health isn’t true.

My work has been hailed “the anti-Skinny Bitch” because it cuts through countless popular myths about nutrition, weight loss, disease-prevention, sustainability and planetary health with razor-sharp wit, hardcore research, and a whole lot of heart. 

I blow the lid off widespread myths, revealing how:

    • most food cravings have nothing to do with lack of willpower
    • calorie-counting isn’t an accurate tool for weight loss
    • dietary fat doesn’t make you fat
    • saturated fat is actually healthy and you should be eating a lot more of it
    • women with higher cholesterol live longer than women with low cholesterol
    • salt consumption doesn’t give you high blood pressure, or make you bloated
    • the real Mediterranean Diet is very different from what you think it is
    • the Glycemic Index is flawed
    • plant-based diets trigger inflammation
    • plant foods can’t do many important things for your body that animal foods can
    • no culture in the history of humanity has been able to continue its line on a diet devoid of animal foods
    • ecological sustainability depends on non-commercial animal husbandry.

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I dish about the science behind these provocative truths–and how delicious this science can be.

I expose which “taboo” foods  rigorous peer-reviewed scientific research reveals are deliciously good for you, and which supposedly healthy foods are flat-out hyped-up BS.

You’ll feel excited about food again–and how tasty it can be to save the planet, your health and your waistline.

You’ll learn how to think about health, instead of simply memorizing what is healthy. 

The time has come to unleash your inner Goddess!

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